After any stressful event it’s normal to feel completely out of balance. Your mind is freaking out. Your body is freaking out. You can’t tell the difference between what’s happening in real-time versus the tape playing in your head of what you survived. Everything feels turned upside down and inside out. 11 year old Oliver Casurella remembers feeling frightened after a 7.0 magnitude earthquake shook his city and body while at school in Anchorage, Alaska. “It felt like the earth was possessed. I remember feeling like my adrenaline was pretty high…waiting for the next aftershock. It helped me to have a trusted adult around and to say to myself “That’s it. You survived this earthquake and if there are other ones after this, they will probably be smaller.” Oliver held hope that, with time, he would get through what happened.

Created by Mandy Casurella, LPC
Designed by Kimochis®

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