Print the Kimochis®: Be A Feeling Detective chart and give it to your child, so he/she can start exploring all the new feeling faces. Share that we all have feelings inside and that feelings like to be felt and talked about.

 Kimochis® Family Feeling Helpers are a very effective cool down tool. When your child is melting down with emotion, ask him or her to go get their Feeling Helpers. Tell your little one that together you can make things better.

 Pointing to feelings can help your child feel understood. (Remember, young children don’t have all the feeling words YET, so this allows your child to show rather then tell.)

 This pointing action, and you showing you care, can also help to calm your child’s emotional engine thus making learning how to handle BIG feelings easier. It also gives parents time to think of what to say and do rather than accidentally reacting as parents have feelings too!

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