Doable Dose of Kimochis

Early Childhood (ages 3-6)

Week One

Getting Started with Kimochis in the classroom

  1. Print 1 Feeling chart (available below) to post on your classroom door or wall.  (Often kids from other classes will stop to enjoy looking at all the fun feeling faces, which makes your class feel fun and welcoming!)
  2. Consider sending one feeling chart home for each student in your classroom in order to promote feeling language carryover.  
  3. Don’t teach a thing (YET) with your new Kimochis feeling chart.  Just let your children, parents, and other teacher’s curiosity build naturally.
  4. In a few days, let your class know they are going to become feeling detectives in the coming weeks.  Share that feeling detectives have words and tools for what they are feeling. Explain that when you become a feeling detective everything becomes a lot more fun at school and home!

Be on the lookout for Week Two!