Doable Dose of Kimochis

Early Childhood (age 3-6)

Week Three

Starting Your School Day with Positivity

To start your students’ day on the right foot, invite students to point to a feeling they want to have more of today. The teacher should also choose a feeling. Ex. I want to have more hopeful.

Note:  You can choose a new feeling each day or each week.

Have students share one way to create more hopeful feelings today. Again, the teacher will share too. Ex. I can create hopeful thoughts by telling myself, I can learn hard things.

Invite students to also predict and point to a “hard to have” feeling they don’t want to have today or this week but think might happen. It is helpful if the teacher can share too. Ex: I might feel disappointed if the rain keeps us from outdoor recess.

Together, create a positive plan for what all will say and do should this hard to have feeling happen. (Role-play the plan for practicing positive communication) Ex. If someone cuts you in line act out what to say and do.

Be on the lookout for Week Four!