Doable Dose of Kimochis

SLP: Week Four

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Color For Improved Communication

Print this Color Your Feelings Chart for each student.

There are numerous ways to use this tool to promote improved speech, language, and communication. Here is one fun way to get going. This activity works great in both one-on-one therapy and in groups.

Create a feeling story together.

The SLP begins the story by coloring and drawing one feeling face and then begins the story using this one feeling word. For example, “Once upon a time there was a very excited lizard.”

Pass the story on for the student(s) to continue. The student(s) colors a feeling and then continues the story incorporating that feeling into the story.

Continue adding feelings to extend the story.

To wrap up, each takes a turn recalling how the other people in the group used the feeling word in the story. (For example, Sadie created an excited lizard.)

We are HOPEFUL that you have enjoyed these Doable Doses of Kimochis!