Doable Dose of Kimochis

SLP: Week Three


Gather together a sheet of paper and coloring/writing tools.

Begin by writing the title My Feelings Poster at the top of the page.

Have the student choose something to write with and ask them to write down as many feeling words as they know. For students who do not write yet or don’t want to, you can do the writing for them.

Together, compare the child’s feeling poster with the Kimochis Feeling Chart to see all the feeling words.

Ask the student to become a “feelings detective” in between your session with them, telling them to listen for new, interesting feeling words and then bring them to your next session.

You’ll also want to bring some fun new feeling words to your sessions, like “perplexed,” “elated,” “gob-smacked.”

Add all the new words to the poster as the student learns and collects more feeling words.

Inquire to see if this student wants to bring this feeling detective activity to his or her classroom with your help.

Be on the lookout for your next Doable Dose of Kimochis!