Kimochis® Portal for PreK, TK & K

(Early Childhood; ages 3-6)
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Quick Videos to Get You Started with Kimochis®!

Welcome to
Kimochis® Way!

Duration: 1:38 minutes

What’s In The Kimochis® Tool Kit?

Duration: 5:53 minutes

Getting Started
with Week 1

Duration: 11:26 minutes

Unit 1: Meet the Characters

Duration: 2:32 minutes

Unit 2: Keys to Communication

Duration: 3 minutes

Unit 3: Learn the Feelings

Duration: 2:10 minutes

Have Students Who Need Immediate Help?

Duration: 1:25 minutes

SOS Tools for Challenging Behaviors (English and Spanish)

More Kimochis® Resources

All of the lessons in the Kimochis® Feel Guide to use the Head Start Framework.
Assessment Checklists: Educators/Professionals, Classroom Climate Survey, Communication Scale for Parents
The research that supports the design and lesson components of the Kimochis® program.
VIDEO PLAYLIST: Friendly Signals, Communication Tap, Talking/Fighting/Serious Eyes, Talking Hand, Surprised Feelings, and Mixed Feelings

Glossary of Kimochis® Vocabulary for a quick reference on Kimochis® language and tools.