Doable Dose of Kimochis

Week One

  1. Print and post your Kimochis feelings chart on your refrigerator, bulletin board, or child’s bedroom wall.
  2. Invite each family member to point to a feeling and…
  • Say the feeling word
  • Make the feeling face
  • Make the feeling sound  
  • Have your child tell you what might make a kid (his or her age) have this feeling

Note:  For older kids play:

  • Charades and act out feelings for family members to guess
  • I Spy a feeling you might have when….. people say you can’t play.  (Left out)

Starting & Ending Your Day in A Positive Kimochis Way

  1. To start your day with positive feelings, choose a feeling you want to have more of today.  Ex. I want to have more hopefulNote:  You can choose a new feeling each day or each week.
  2. Think of one way to create more SILLY feelings.
  3. At the end of each day share stories of SILLY.
  4. Likewise, you can use your Kimochis feeling chart to predict and point to a “hard to have” feeling you don’t want to have today. Ex:  Frustrated or mad. (Make it clear that everyone has hard to have feelings. These feelings feel hard or ouchy in our body but are very important.)
  5. Create a positive plan for what each of you will say and do should this feeling happen.  Act out the plan to raise the odds everyone will remember to use this plan when emotions run high.
  6. At the end of the day, share how your feeling plan worked and create feeling plan B if needed.  (This is a great way to create resilient people!)

Bonus: Feelings Chart Ideas

I Doubt It

Use your pinky fingers to touch one feeling you had this week and one you didn’t.

Have the rest of the family guess which feeling they doubt you had.

Share a story about the feeling you really did have.

Finger Twister

Each family member uses as many fingers as they can to touch feelings you had this week.  Other family members take turns pulling up one finger at a time and ask questions about this feeling.  For example, if your finger was on frustrated someone could ask, “What made you feel frustrated?”

3 Pluses and A Wish

Each family member takes turns and shares 3 positive feelings they had this week and one wish for a feeling they want to have tomorrow.

Share ways you might be able to create this wished feeling for tomorrow.


Be on the lookout for your next Doable Dose of Kimochis!