Doable Dose of Kimochis

Week Three


Become A “Second Chance Family”

Tell your family that everyone makes mistake with big feelings like mad, frustrated and sad.  

Make an agreement that everyone gets a second chance to stop and re-do a moment when you act in ways you are not proud.  (For example, when you accidentally use a fight voice, face, or hurtful words.)

Hold the sorry feeling pillow and share that sometimes it can be hard to own mistakes.

Explain that your family can practice using 2 helpful communication tools to own mistakes and make things better.

Show; Don't Tell

Keep SORRY on your kitchen table for family members to grab when SORRY is hard to say.

Brave in Front

Put the brave feeling pillow in front of the sorry and explain, “We put our brave in front of our sorry so that we can use our courage to re-do hurtful moments.”

Parents lead the way in real life by:

  • Modeling taking re-dos.  “Let me take a re-do as I used a fighting voice.”
  • Asking other’s to re-do.  “Please take a re-do.”
  • Reminding your child to put their brave in front and re-do a moment in a kinder way.  “Put your brave in front.”


Be on the lookout for your next Doable Dose of Kimochis!