Free Resources Characters

French Lovey Dove Handout

Lovey is the Kimochis™ character who helps students develop generosity, thoughtfulness, pride, gratitude, and hopefulness. Lovey comes with Happy, Proud,

French Meet Bug

HI! I’M BUG. COMMUNICATION TOOL FOR: Fear of change Positive social and academic risks Positive self-talk MY STORY Really smart,

French Meet Cat

HI! I’M CAT. COMMUNICATION TOOL FOR: Apologizing and forgiving Making safe, wise, kind choices Managing cranky feelings MY STORY Can

French Meet Cloud

HI! I’M CLOUD. COMMUNICATION TOOL FOR: Unpredictable moods Regulating tone of voice, body language, words, and actions MY STORY Lives

French Meet Huggtopus

HI! I’M HUGGTOPUS. COMMUNICATION TOOL FOR: Setting appropriate boundaries Self-regulating internal and external distractions Having more patience and tolerance MY

French Meet Lovey Dove

HI! I’M LOVEY DOVE. COMMUNICATION TOOL FOR: Sharing pride without bragging Celebrating others’ accomplishments Overcoming discouragement Moving through worried feelings

Hero Handout

Hero is the Kimochis™ character who helps students with managing emotions and challenges during military separation, aggression, rough play and

Huggtopus Handout

Huggs is the Kimochis™ character who helps create an inclusive classroom where tolerance and apprecia­tion for our uniqueness are celebrated.

Kimochis Character Puppet Coloring Template

Simply color and cut around each character on the dotted line. Find yourself some skewers or sticks and attach one