Introducing the Kimochis® Keys to Communication. These Keys, though simple, will provide children with the skills to have a lifetime of positive relationships and connections. Even small improvements can provide powerful, positive changes in a child’s life.

 Introducing the common vocabulary and communication strategies built into the Keys. The Keys provide a concrete vocabulary that everyone can understand and use. Young children are developing language and are learning to use communication to build relationships, resolve conflicts, and negotiate. When children begin to have control over their communication, they understand that positive language and communication can bring them positive outcomes.

Building character and social-emotional learning. The Keys are the communication tools that provide the “vehicle” to build social-emotional skills and to develop emotional intelligence.

 Helping children learn how to use the Keys in everyday communication. When children can become fluent in using the keys, they can listen openly, make positive choices, be willing to speak in respectful and responsible ways, and be open to negotiating problems. This is peace in action.

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