Make a Proud Badge

Materials: Brave Badge Template, foil, cardboard, crayons, fastener

Copy template and cut along dashed outline. Help younger children with cutting.

Place cutout template on top of aluminum foil. For each Brave Badge, cut a piece of aluminum foil to match the size of the dashed line rectangle. Set foil aside. Help younger children with cutting.

Cut template along thick black outline removing dashed outline section. This is why it’s important to cut the foil first! Help younger children with cutting.

Have children color Brave Badge.

Cut thin cardboard or poster board to the same size as thick black outline. Glue colored template to cardboard.

Place colored, glued template on top of pre-cut foil. Fold and glue foil over the edges of colored template to add shine to the Brave Badge!

Adhere a clip or pin to the back of the badge so children can wear it proudly.

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