Kimochis For Distance Learning

Grab Top WAYS to Bring Kimochis Virtually to Your Students

During these uncertain times we have all come together to try and support  each other while learning how to teach from a distance. With the help of our Kimochis Certified Trainer, Eileen Cristobal Rodriquez and a few of the Kimochis Super Users we have compiled a few of our favorite lessons.  Select the links below to view and download. 

Homerun Lessons

Bitmoji Classrooms

Kimochis Bitmoji Classroom

Teacher Sam’s Bitmoji Classroom

Eileen Cristobal-Rodriguez:

Meet Eileen, a Kimochis Certified Trainer, who is passionate about making Kimochis accessible to ALL students.  She tries to simplify and create activities that can accommodate to every student who uses Kimochis.

Samantha Hodge:

Meet Samantha,  a Kimochis Super User, who has been busily creating so many FUN Kimochis virtual activities! Samantha has infused some fun musical elements to our Kimochis activities.

Katie Raher:

Meet Katie, a Kimochis Certified Trainer, who has created some interactive virtual activities that can be used in education settings and at home!  She is deeply passionate about educator well-being and mindfulness.