Imagine that your kids could all regulate themselves. You don’t have to imagine, try this!

  • Print and post the Kimochis® Self-Regulation Method with a Feelings Chart on the back for posting in all classrooms, common areas and anywhere that kids gather or play. Also, print enough to post on windows that kids can see then when they are outside (at recess or waiting to be picked up after school). This is generally about 10 copies per classroom to cover the total amount. If you do not have budget to print these, please email and we will help you get what you need.
  • Bring your students back to school with the game changing positive behavior message: All Feelings are Okay. All Behaviors are Not.
  • Let your students know, BIG feelings such as excited and frustrated can accidentally make our bodies say and do things that are not helpful for learning and/or friendships.
  • Continue to remind students, It’s Okay to be Mad. It’s Not Okay to be Mean.
  • Share your school will use a calm-down breath as we all need to calm our emotional engines when feelings are BIG, so we can do our best in school.
  • Teach: the calm-down breath “Smell the flower – breathe in through your nose; blow out the candle – breath out through your mouth”
  • Explain to kids: “You can use this anytime you want to calm yourself down a little bit.”
  • Start each school day; “Good morning! Let’s take a calm-down breath and get ready to do our best in school. Smell the flower… Blow out the candle. Thanks for your attention. Now your brains are ready to learn.”
  • Activate teachers to use the calm-down breath routine when kids enter the room, between subjects, after lunch, recess and before dismissal so your entire school is more emotionally regulated to learn.

If you’re a principal email to book a call with Ned and we’ll send you the Self-Regulation Method implementation pack.