Have your students stay connected with the Small Kimochis® Paper Nesting Hearts! The Small Kimochis® Paper Nestings Heart are small hearts that can be printed, cut out and carried on a backpack or lanyard.

Each student can give one to each of their friends to remind them that they are always with them, even when they are not at school.

If they know they won’t be able to connect by phone or computer, plan ahead! Have them pick a time each day that they will think of each other and give the heart a squeeze.

When you are reunited, make a special point of putting your hearts back together and sharing your feelings of joy and gratitude knowing your hearts are in the right place.

Tips for Communicating from the Heart

Look at the positive “Feeling sad means that we have such a big love, we feel sad when we can’t be together.”

Remind those feelings come and go “I bet you remember a time when you felt sad before. (Have child share.) Are you still sad about (name what they shared)?  See how feelings come and go?”

Think forward “When I am home on Tuesday, let’s think of something fun we can do together.”

Empower your child to self-soothe “I bet you can think of a way to make your sad feelings smaller. What if you…”

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