Hi! I’m Huggtopus!

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Sometimes, I can be silly, overly excited, and out of control! I’m not always aware of the needs of others because I can get too close to friends. BUT I can still make anyone feel better.

If you know a child who’s a bit like me, here are some helpful Tools from the Kimochis® Educator’s Tool Kit: Early Childhood Edition to help with attention and focus.

SOS Tools

Interrupting: Recognize the Not Now signal (Pg. 66)

Cutting in Line: Let’s practice getting attention when they cut (Pg. 98)

Special Differences: Name It (Pg. 250)

Rough and Tumble Play: Too excited (Pg. 163)

Don’t have a Kimochis Tool Kit?

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Huggtopus is ready to play! But, when her big, friendly personality becomes a bit too much for her friends, Huggtopus learns an important lesson. For fun to be fun, it has to be fun for everyone. Illustrated by award winning artist Hanako Wakiyama.