Doable Dose of Kimochis

School-Based Mental Health

Week One

Getting Started with Kimochis and School-Based Mental Health

  • Print one poster to post on your office door or wall. (Often kids who aren’t on your caseload will stop to enjoy looking at all the fun feeling faces, which makes your office fun and cool!)
  • Consider sending one feeling chart home for each student on your caseload in order to promote feeling language carryover.  (Encourage students to play feeling games at home with family members! See games below.)
  • Consider printing one Kimochis feeling chart for each classroom with a student on your caseload (and even the classrooms you might not see).  Make a classroom visit and leave behind this fun feeling prize! (The games below and in future doable doses can be used or modified for push-in support too.)

Getting to Know Your Feelings 

Invite one student at a time to point to a feeling and…

  • Say the feeling
  • Make the feeling face
  • Make the feeling sound
  • Tell what might make a kid their age have this feeling

For older kids, you can play:

  • Charades! Students act out feelings for classmates to guess
  • I Spy a feeling you might have when… people say you can’t play.  (Left out)

Be on the lookout for Week Two!